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We research the details of your home and start crafting a great offer for you.


We present you with a fair cash offer with no obligation and no fees.



We pay you cash. No months of waiting. You choose the closing date.

What People are Saying…

I needed to sell my house fast in Atlanta GA within 3 weeks. As soon as we shook hands on a price and a closing date that worked for meSureClosing closed on my property like they said they would.  The process was very simple and they kept me updated the whole time. I was very impressed.


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The Story of How We Closed An Unsellable Property

“I had to tell you, they they really cared about me and my outcome. I would recommend SureClosing to anyone out there, especially those people who are…you know…in a position where they have what is now considered to be an unsellable property. Brian really worked hard for me when I wanted to sell my house fast and I’m sure that he will work hard for you. And I wish everyone that to have as good results as I got. And I’m sure that if you work with the guys over at SureClosing you’ll get the same.” ~ Keith

A Mail-way Closing: Vacant Property in GA But Seller is in NY
“Brian was very communicative and very understanding of the situation and gave me good advice and, you know, realistic assessment of what was going on. So I thought like, he really helped to make the whole process as less painful as it was otherwise to sell my house fast.”
~ Meg

They needed help to sell the property but we made it 100% better by buying it from them

“I would recommend you to them. Make sure you go to them before you go to the other people. Anytime, they got your back and they’ll gonna work their ass out for you if you need to sell your house fast or not.” ~ Larry & Bennie

The time where we closed a property all the way from Memphis to Atlanta
“I was happy to come across people like you. We didn’t have to run around every time…apart from the viewing. The rest was on the phone, and on computer via email. And at the closing time, my experience with your lawyers was wonderful,. You did everything in a very good manner, no hassle, no running around. It was a very good experience for us. And we would like to do business with you or in the future.” ~ Fatima

Carl was shocked...in a good way...on how fast we closed.

“I was extremely pleased with as fast as the process went. And I just think they’re a great company to deal with. And I would not hesitate to recommend them to anybody. If I ever go to buy more properties or sell more properties, it’ll be them that I do it for.” – Carl

A Seamless Mail-Away Closing - Washington DC to Atlanta, GA
“Brian and his team with SureClosing has been nothing but like amazing to work with. If I had the opportunity to work with him again, I definitely will, and I definitely would.” – Degarrius

It took us less than 3 weeks to close his property! How did it go?
“It was a joy to work with Brian. It was very pleasant. They purchased a property that means a lot to me. My experience with Brian was phenomenal, very easy… (he) doesn’t try to strong arm you… you just feel like you’re talking to a friend. I would highly recommend, if you have a property to sell, definitely get in touch with Brian.” – Reginald

This is why we do what we do! (Client Video Testimonial)
“I was impressed with SureClosing in that they followed-up with me in every step when I wanted to sell my house fast. The entire process went smoothly I was very impressed with how professional everyone was. The attorney just sent the paperwork right over, ran to the bank, got a notarized in the mail, and we were done.” – Mrs. Joy Adair
SureClosing Review with Ben Leaprott
“My experience was great. You were transparent. We closed early. You get me up to date with things, how things were moving along. We’d be happy to use you and happy for any of my friends, family members to use you guys. You’re great to work with!”
Ben Leaprott
SureClosing Review with John and Nashara Smith
“You guys were straightforward so whatever we talked about… you guys keep us updated pertaining to closing. A lot of buyers didn’t come through but he (Brian) sure did. And he gave me his word.”
– John & Narsha
Sell My House Fast in Atlanta, GA

SureClosing a local real estate investment company out of Lawrenceville, GA made up of experts who can provide multiple fast ways for you to sell your house for cash. There is more than one way to sell a home outside of listing with an agent or listing it on Zillow or OfferPad. We are home buyers that don’t like the traditional bank borrowing process, it takes too long. That’s why we pay cash, which gives us and the homeowner total control of what’s going to happen next instead of being under the mercy of regular buyer’s traditional banks and agents.

Selling your house or any property has always been time-consuming which requires patience, lots of effort, and the right connections which not everyone has. For sure, you want to deal with someone that knows your situation better than you and has the expertise to give you the right answers and the integrity to lead you through this difficult time with your best interest at heart.

But, who can you trust? There are probably 100 or so companies in and around Atlanta GA that claim they will “buy your house for cash” and  “close fast”, we are “House Buyers GA“, etc.

Question is…How many of those companies have been in business over the years, spent millions in purchasing, rehabbing, renting, and selling homes in Atlanta? How many of those companies have dealt with hundreds of individual customers and have never had one single complaint?

It’s us – SureClosing.

SureClosing never had a single complaint or anything less than a 5-star rating in all our years of business.

Sell fast with SURECLOSING

Sell through the SureClosing Way

Agent: “Do this, do that.”
Buyers: “Fix this, fix that.”
SureClosing: “Don’t worry, we’ll take care of you!”

Sell Fast


I want to sell my house fast in Atlanta without doing any repairs or cleaning.

“I urgently need to sell my house fast as soon as possible as I need cash immediately.”

I need to sell my house fast in Atlanta, GA. I’m tired of being a landlord but my tenants are on a fixed-term lease.

I failed to sell my house fast in Atlanta, GA after waiting on the market for 3 months. What should I do?

“Is it possible to sell my house fast during this pandemic?”

“I want to be done with my house asap but I don’t want to sell it through a realtor and pay thousands worth of commission.

“I need to sell my house fast but I have tenants whom I don’t want to be disturbed or their privacy invaded by countless numbers of showings.”

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No matter what your problem is, our promise is honesty, speed, and convenient services.  We will buy your home in less than one week or you choose the closing date, after a clear title, and pay you with cash. Need to sell it 2 or 3 months down the line? We are always flexible on closing dates.


Sell house without hassle

Listing your house via the traditional way aka with a realtor means you have to do the following stuff:

  • Sign a listing contract that may tie your house down on the market for up to 6 months (or even a year in some cases) without any certainty that you will sell any time soon;
  • Cover the cost of repairs and updates;
  • Undergo several inspections and countless showings that only give you unattractive offers;
  • If you have tenants on a fixed-term, you have to wait until the lease expires;
  • Pay huge amounts of money in commission when your house is sold;
  • Should the closing costs; and
  • Attempt selling your house by yourself (FSBO). However, still time-consuming and quite stressful.
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The traditional way of selling a house is not half as effective as the SureClosing way if selling worry-free and fast are your goals for a number of reasons. When we buy your property for cash in Atlanta, GA that means:

You do not have to do any repairs or updates

You can sell your house as-is

You pay us ZERO in real estate commissions

You pay ZERO closing costs – we got you!

You can expect a speedy closing at your timeline

Fair Offer

A Fair Offer

We guarantee you a fair and transparent offer.

We buy as-is

We Buy As-Is

You won’t have to lift a paint brush, a hammer or even a broom.

A Speedy Closing

Get a SureClosing

You can choose your closing date and we can work around your schedule and work around your situation.

Zero Commissions

ZERO Commissions

Save thousands in realtor commission alone. Enjoy your proceeds 100%.

Zero Fees


Save thousands on closing costs. We won’t charge you any fees.

Get Paid in Cash

Get Paid in Cash

You do not have to worry if we will be approved by the bank. We pay you cash.

Just do 1 Showing

Just do 1 showing

We just need one quick look at your property. No need to conduct showings just to sell.

Professional Experience

Professional Experience

We are a licensed and professional agent but without the fees and “do this-do that”.

We provide helpful tips and tricks.

We enjoy making guide videos.

Do you have some questions ?