Trusting A House Cash Buyer: 4 Way To Avoid We Buy Houses Scams in Atlanta, GA

Trusting A House Cash Buyer: 4 Ways To Avoid We Buy Houses Scams
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You might have received dozens of texts and calls from various real estate companies that are known as house cash buyers. Being skeptical if these companies are legit is a common reaction from property owners like you. But the questions are, whether or not what they do is legal and valid in the real estate field? How can you distinguish a fraudulent company from those legit ones? And how can you avoid We Buy Houses Scams?

In preparing to sell your house in Atlanta, GA, the only option most homeowners could think of is to hire a real estate agent and list it on the market to be available for buyers. However, there is another way to do so – selling your property to a real estate investor or a cash buyer. The common intention of house cash buyers is to flip the house and create revenue. Others often make their purchases into income streams by renting the property out, as well. 

How to Avoid We Buy Houses Scams

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First question:

Is that a legitimate way of purchasing real estate? Yes, without a doubt.

So to simply put it, the We Buy Houses approach but real estate companies is a valid and legal approach. But like any other respectable careers and transactions, scamming or fraud can exist. We Buy Houses facade might be the We Buy Houses Scams underneath your nose. Unfortunately, the work of these scammers leverages the hard work and experience of reputable cash buyers into conning hard-working people out of their money and houses. 

So please understand that there are more legitimate and good-natured real investors than We Buy Houses Scams or fraud ones out there.

Second question:

Why should you choose to sell your house to a direct home cash buyer, like SureClosing?

If you find yourself in sticky situations such as the sudden need to relocate or move out, foreclosure proceedings, or need to have cash quickly, selling your house as-is to a cash buyer is your life-saver. SureClosing is capable of purchasing your property for cash and removing those problems from your concern. 

Third question:

I have decided to sell my house fast with a direct home cash buyer, what should I know in choosing a real estate investor to work with?

Now that you’ve decided to work with a real estate investor aka selling your house to a direct home cash buyer, good for you! All of that said it’s with utmost importance to be aware of what a direct buying process should look like in order to identify the frauds and scammers who want to use the situation against you. Knowing would always put you one step ahead from these We Buy Houses Scams.

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How to Avoid “Cash For Houses” Scams in Atlanta GA

Tip #1: Investigate the company’s existence

Most likely, you found yourself getting phone calls or texts from different persons claiming to be real estate investors. They say they want to buy your house in its as-is current condition for cash and they want to close the deal as soon as possible. How do you know that person or their company is legit? You might ask yourself the same question when you see a Facebook Ad or you conduct Google searches and are considering giving them a call. How can you be sure you’re dealing with a reputable investor and not a scammer?

The answer is, simply, do a little research, background check, or investigation. Thanks to technology, you can just head to the internet and run a Google search on them. You’ll probably either find their information or you won’t, and that will tell you a lot. 

Also, a good resource to check is the Better Business Bureau. You can call them at 202-393-8000 or look up the investor on the BBB website. If the company is listed and has an A rating, then that’s a good sign. If the company is not listed, that could be a red flag. 

Investigate the company with these questions in mind:

With every answer or non-answer that you get, it provides you with an opportunity to follow up and confirm the truth. Information is power!

Tip #2: Take note of their eagerness to buy your property 

One obvious difference between a legitimate real estate investor and the We Buy Houses Scams is that the former needs information in order to make you a fair cash offer which means they’ll be asking you many questions. If a company contacted you and made you an offer with only a few or without asking questions, that’s a red flag right there.

You know you can trust a company when they are going to want to understand the situation, possibly take a tour or see photos of the property, and collect as much data as needed in order to make a sound business decision. That’s what we do with SureClosing.

This is an investment for us so we are not going to want to offer money for something we don’t understand. It’s very likely that one of the We Buy Houses Scams will make you an offer and ask to close the deal without even learning anything about your property. That’s especially true if it’s an older house or one that is clearly in a state of disrepair. 

Beware if it is trying to get you to sign something immediately before you’ve had a chance to think about it. If you’re working with us, we always want to make sure you feel comfortable about a decision before you commit to it. 

Tip #3: Ask what the process is

Finally, the best way to identify a We Buy Houses scams is if you personally understand how a cash buyer transaction is supposed to work. 

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You should always remember that money in the transaction should always flow in your direction, the seller, and never away from you. So if the buyer ever asks you to give them money, perhaps in the form of an administration fee or processing fee, that is a massive red flag. Not only should you run away from it but you may want to alert the BBB about it. Whether or not they asked you for a small amount of money, such as $100 or $200, that is still completely unnecessary and illegal. 

Tip #4: You should be in no financial obligation to the investor if you decide to say no

One of the key factors in determining We Buy Houses Scams is the result of you accepting their offer. Always ask what would be the result if you say yes. If the company says that you need to pay or deposit money for this or that, non-negotiable, that’s a red flag.

On the other hand, If you’re thinking of accepting an offer for your house, you can always negotiate with a legit company over any closing costs. A good negotiation may result in the covering for you and you’ll end up avoiding many of the fees usually associated with selling your house, including appraisals, inspections, and even closing costs. 

SureClosing is a verified, trusted, and legitimate real estate company. We are the #1 Home Buyer in Atlanta since 2015.

After negotiations and acceptance of our offer, SureClosing will pay you the agreed-upon amount in cash (or however you decide you would like the money) and close the sale on your terms. We can close in a matter of days if you prefer or on the closing date of your choice. 

Good luck, may you choose the right company to work with and may you avoid We Buy Houses Scams!

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