Our real estate investing career with SureClosing started in 2015 when the Atlanta Benz Stadium was just built, investing in single-family, multi-family, and developed lots on a small scale. One big passion that has grown for us over the years is learning how to leverage our expertise & network to help families with real estate related problems such as; facing foreclosures, bad tenants, behind on their mortgage, inherited property, out of state owners, etc. By doing so, SureClosing was able to purchase over 75 properties and over 500 properties collectively with our partners since then.

Sureclosing buys houses
SC buys houses


“It’s our duty and obligation to get you to the closing table.”


1. Results-Oriented
2. Operate on Transparency
3. Good Communication is Key
4. Do the right thing even when no one is looking
5. Dare to care
6. Have fun, be yourself, be different!


So a lot of companies say we buy with cash, any condition, and any location. Usually, these words are by those people who just got out of a seminar. 

At the end of the day, what’s different about us is, what-ever it is that you want…. that could be…

  1. Keep your house
  2. Sell your house
  3. Get a check monthly by doing creative financing

We’ll look at every possible way you can sell your house that benefits you the most. And that’s what differs SureClosing among the rest…

Through this whole process, you don’t have to be alone. And after all of that, we’ll make you an extremely fair cash offer, and by the end of the day, the most important thing with us is, we actually close. Other investors come in and make all these promises that they CAN’T keep and end up not closing and wasting your time and ruining your plans...not with SureClosing.


Tron Pham

Tron Pham – Managing Member

It took me 9 years after high school to figure out what I really wanted to to do, working for myself. I jumped in head first into real estate as an agent. A few years later and learning about fixing houses and also renting it out,  from some successful investors, I transitioned to buying houses  gradually in 2017, and before long, I was full time buying houses. The most rewarding thing about what I do is that it’s not about me or the house, it’s about people helping people. And SureClosing definitely reflects such a mantra.

Living in Gwinnett Co., GA, I am happily married and  I am a happy father to our first baby girl. I enjoy spending time with family  and friends. Outside of work, I am a semi-adventurous person who enjoy outdoor activities like nature hikes, going to the lake, the mountains and the sea. Two fun things I’ve done was skydiving and scuba diving. The thing I enjoy the most is eating and trying new cultual foods! 🙂

Brian Pham

Brian Phan – Acquisition Specialist

I quit my 9-5 in 2018 to try my luck in real estate investing. Best decision of my life and never looked back since! One of my passion is learning more about the Real Estate space (eventually other industries) so I can one day be financially free so I can be able to do the things that matter to me like traveling with my family at ANY given moment.

I love what I do because nothing beats the feeling of satisfaction hearing from our past clients that we were the BEST decision they ever made when selling their properties. I am a total nerd at heart so I love Star Wars, Marvel Superheros, video games, fitness, and sports!

Reina Jayme

Reina Jayme – Lead Generation/ Kinda-all-around Assistant

Initially, I wanted to be an Architect as designing and skyscrapers were always on my list of interests. And I believed that architecture is still my unrequited first love. Good thing is that I discovered that first love is not necessarily the greatest of it all…so I discovered my second and third love, the study of law and some space in tech and digital marketing.

When I’m not on the job, I love reading suspense and thriller novels, cooking, online window shopping, and working my way through every YouTube video on food and travel. Most often than I admit, I put my life at stake by eating seafood (which I am allergic to) and hope to pray my medicine works its magic. Yeah! That’s how adventurous I am.

Janice Jiro

Janice Jiro – Executive and Admin Assistant

I have nearly 12 years of experience in the BPO and more than three years in the Virtual Assistance industry. I started as a Directory Assistance Agent and has worked my way up to Quality Assurance Specialist, Team Manager, and HR/Recruitment.

Outside of work, I bond with my daughter and since I have the creative type of personality, I always looks for ways to learn new things and try to bring something new out of my daughter’s abilities. I love being a mom! It is the hardest yet most rewarding job anyone can have.

Jessy Madrigal

Jessy Madrigal – Lead Generation

Hi All, my name is Jessy! Just prior to joining the team I was working as a Customer Representative in a BPO company for seven years. 

When COVID struck I decided to quit my full time job and focus on freelancing. It was a huge and challenging move for me, as I had to move out of my comfort zone. Now, being a part of this awesome team for 7 months and counting, it’s simply amazing.

I have to admit I am somewhat workaholic but I also love having fun to balance life. I am very outgoing, enjoy mingling with friends, travelling and watching concerts. I also like being at home with my cat, Jason, named after my fave star Jason Statham :D, watching K-Dramas and reading books, and if I’m in the mood, cooking.