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Welcome to SureClosing. Sell Your House Fast Atlanta, GA

Trying to sell your house fast in Lithonia GA? If you’ve ever sold a house, you know usually it’s a drawn-out affair. But that’s how SureClosing is different, we do away with the long, drawn-out affair part and instead, just buy your house fast. Plain and simple, we pay cash and will close in as little as 7 days if need be. We buy houses in Lithonia GA and all throughout Atlanta, Georgia, and help sellers get cash for your house fast. It doesn’t matter what the condition, even if major repairs are needed.

If we were to buy your house in Lithonia GA, please understand that the process is different than if you were to sell your house on the market with a realtor. In that case, the realtor is trying to find a buyer to close the transaction. With us, we are the buyer, so it gives you the ability to skip all of what makes a traditional transaction long and drawn out: showings, appraisals, bank financial, long escrow periods. We skip ALL of that.



We research the details of your home and start crafting a great offer for you.


We present you with a fair cash offer with no obligation and no fees.



We pay you cash. No months of waiting. You choose the closing date.

It’s tiring, isn’t it? Waiting for months or even years for the right buyer to show up and make you an offer can be a really frustrating experience especially during the stay at home order due to COVID-19 but you don’t have to experience that with us.

Sell through the SureClosing Way

Agent: “Do this, do that.”
Buyers: “Fix this, fix that.”
SureClosing: “Don’t worry, we’ll take care of you!”

Common Situations When You Need to Sell Your House Fast in Lithonia,GA:

We’re getting a divorce. We need to sell my house fast in Lithonia without doing any repairs or cleaning.

“I’m moving out of town for personal reasons. I urgently need to sell my house fast as soon as possible as I need cash immediately.”

I don’t want to deal with bad tenants anymore. I want to sell my house fast in Lithonia, GA but my tenants are on a fixed-term lease.

I failed to sell my house fast in Lithonia, GA despite doing minor repairs and putting it on market for 6 months.

“We know there’s an ongoing pandemic but we want to sell asap.”

“I want to sell but at the same time I want 100% of the proceeds for myself only.

“We want to avoid foreclosure and save our house.”

“We have an extra property that’s too ugly to be sold but we want to make a profit out of the sale.

We promise you consistent honesty, speed, and convenient services to any problems you are dealing with right now.  What counts for us is we are able to help you, not make a profit out of your property. Your situation and choice matter to us.

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Have you reached the point where you can no longer afford your home? Perhaps, the mortgage payments too far behind for you to cover or you are in a financial bind because you have only one source of income or no income. You can always turn to us when you need to sell your house for cash. We will buy your house no matter the condition or your reason for selling your house.

Some Common Situations When You Need to Sell Your House Fast

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