Degarrius’s experience:

Degarrius is currently in Washington DC but we were able to close on his property in GA in less than 2 weeks through a mail-away closing. Another seamless and easy breezy closing with SureClosing. 🥳🤩

A Seamless Mail-Away Closing - Washington DC to Atlanta, GA
“Brian and his team with SureClosing has been nothing but like amazing to work with. If I had the opportunity to work with him again, I definitely will. I definitely would. And I highly recommend Brian and his team, to anyone out there that is looking to sell their property or do any type of investment with houses.” – Degarrius

Mrs. Adair’s experience:

We were able to reach out to Mrs. Joy and timing couldn’t be more perfect as she was looking to sell one of her properties which was 90% distressed. Next thing before we knew it, we agreed on the right cash offer and we were able to close in less than 30 days. A total win-win situation for both of us. 🥳🤩

This is why we do what we do! (Client Video Testimonial)

Reginald’s experience:

Reginald needed cash to fund his business so he wanted to sell his grandparents’ house but it was in bad shape. He preferred not to do any repairs. So we made him an offer by the 16th of October and we were able to close by 3rd of November. That’s less than 3 weeks!

It took us less than 3 weeks to close his property! How did it go?

John and Nashara’s experience:

They owned several businesses and had no time to deal with tenants and the repairs. On top of that? John had to be in Jamaica for his family so he needed to close in 2.5 weeks. This was another happy ending – we had them done with the property on time like we agreed!

Testimonial: Going out of the country, for vacation w/o  house headaches! 1150 Kristen Cv. 30349

Ben’s experience:

The house was vacant, his partner was traveling internationally, we worked out the details, bought it as is no repairs, no clean up, no closing costs, no agent commission, predetermined price and a predetermined closing date of 30 days , however we got it done in 12 days!

203 Marie St. Nw Atlanta 30318.

Here are more homeowners that sold and trusted us their homes:

Big shout out to Andrew Gurvey (The Gurvey Law Group) for always getting us to closing on-time!

SC buys houses

Carlos needed to get this deal done in 3 weeks, we got it done in 2 weeks

SC buys houses

This was probably one of the fastest, we got Mario closed in 6 days. Congratulations Mario!

SC buys houses

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